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Photograph of the decorated and furnished interior of a model house in the Levitt development.

Artist's rendition of Model #5 home for the initial wave of houses for Levittown.

Exterior view of a Levitt & Sons constructed home at the Strathmore development at Manhasset

View of buildings (built on pilings), including the Amphion and Joe Paul’s Lion Brewery, on Goose Creek. Two small boats are moored to the docks. (Color)

View of Morrison’s Theatre with a group of people standing in front of the building. (Sepia)

View of grass covered hills with mountains in the background and a stream in the foreground. Printed text on verso features a number of different foreign translations of “Post Card.” Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. …

View of the Queens Co., Trust Co., building, as seen from across the street. (Color)

View of Jamaica State Normal School (later renamed “Jamaica Training School for Teachers”), as seen from the street. There are two young boys and a young girl standing on the sidewalk. Message on front and back; addressee information on back.…

Nighttime view of people walking near or through the entrance to the Dreamland amusement park. The entrance features huge columns on either side, as well as an enormous angel statue, at center. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on…

View of Feltman’s Pavilion and the Loop the Loop roller coaster. The view is surrounded by illustrations of seashells. Annotation and addressee information on verso. (Color)