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Panoramic advertising postcard with two interior views of the restaurant. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. Also on verso is a small map that depicts the restaurant’s location on Long Island. (Color)

Advertising postcard with image of a large fruit bowl on the front. Also on the front is text that reads, “Charles & Dianne Balducci’s Fruit Bowl.” Additional text provides information about orders and delivery. Two copies. (Color)

A news clipping from the scrapbook of William and Simone Levitt commemorating the 20th birthday of Levittown, NY. The newspaper in which the original clipping appeared is unidentified.

Levittown map2.jpg
A map of Levittown, NY from a mailer for the real-estate company Levittown Equities Inc.

A thank you letter from the Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, to William J. Levitt composed on 12/14/1970.

An undated page from the New York Times Magazine featuring a crossword puzzle with William Levitt as a clue for 41 Down. The answer is "homemaker."

The front page of the Island Trees Eagle, vol. 1 no. 3

Thousand Lanes 1.jpg
The cover of the Summer 1957 issue of Thousand Lanes magazine, a periodical intended for the Levittown homeowner.

Crews working on lawn of completed Levitt house
A work crew working on the lawn of a finished Levittown home.

The second page of a lease agreement for a Levittown home with covenants the tenant agreed to abide by during his occupancy of the home.