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Elmont, EU010.jpg
View of a Secretariat, with blanket of white carnations over his withers and jockey Ron Turcotte up, surrounded by crowd in the winner’s circle after winning the Triple Crown at the Belmont Park Racetrack. Printed text on verso describes image on…

Elmont, EU008.jpg
Illustration of horses (with blankets on) and grooms outside stables at Belmont Park Racetrack. (B&W)

Elmont, EU007.jpg
A red-coated outrider leads parade of field (riders on horses that are being led by grooms) through paddock. A policeman is walking ahead of the outrider; two men are looking on. Caption on verso describes image on front of card. Also on the verso is…

Elmont, EU006.jpg
View of riders, grooms, and horses in the paddock at Belmont Park Racetrack. Several men are nearby, looking on. (B&W)