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“Greetings from” postcard featuring two photographs on front side. One is of a large group of sailboats under sail; the other is of a group of people on a beach with the ocean in the background. Text on verso provides brief description of what…

View of four people sailing in a small sailboat. Two young women are standing, holding on to the mast, and a man and woman are seated behind them. Printed text on verso describes why the waters of Long Island are so well-suited for sailing. (Color)

View of five sailboats racing on a Long Island waterway. The nearby shoreline is covered with trees. (Color)

South Jamesport, SSJ000008.jpg
“Greetings From” postcard featuring two images, one of a small group of people in a sailboat and one of a group of sailboats at a dock, with two men in a rowboat in the foreground. (B&W)