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Harvest hands group photo, 1890.jpg
Seven harvest hands sitting for a group photo. There are farm buildings and equipment behind them.

John Langdon receipt for payment made to Thomas Thirstan, 1721.jpg
John Langdon receipt for payment of seven shillings and nine pence made to Thomas Thirstan, "it being in full of all accounts bills & bonds & book debt[?]." The location listed at the top of the receipt was Jamaica [New York]. Note: Langdon operated…

Joseph Birdsall business note from John Hewlett, 1766.jpg
Business note from John Hewlett to Joseph Birdsall. In the note, Hewlett requests that Birdsall "let the bairer [sic] here of have three pounds of powder and twelve pounds of shot from me." Note: Birdsall owned a general store in Jerusalem…

Robert Harrison - Long Island 3- 794.jpg
A photograph of a plaque marking the site of Joseph Blydenbergh house located in Smithtown, New York.

Patchogue, PA044.jpg
View looking down Maple Avenue, which is lined by trees and houses on both sides. There is a horse drawn carriage in the middle of the avenue, and a man is walking near the side of the avenue at left. (B&W)

Hempstead, HH065.jpg
View of the Rectory of St. George’s Episcopal Church, residence of Mr. Cook, the church’s rector. (B&W)


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