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Sea Cliff, SG027.jpg
Facsimile of a 1906 photograph of Sea Cliff Avenue, looking east. There is a horse drawn carriage in the middle of the avenue. (B&W)

Roslyn, RI021.jpg
View of the junction of Bryant Avenue and East Turnpike (now Old Northern Boulevard). At center, there is a two-story Victorian style building. There are also several horse drawn carriages parked along the intersection.

Roslyn, RI012.jpg
View looking down East Broadway. There is a house at right and an oncoming horse drawn carriage in the middle of the road. (Color)

Oyster Bay, OJ040.jpg
View looking west on Main Street, which is lined by commercial buildings, including the Post Office. (Color)

Oyster Bay, OJ036.jpg
Exterior view of the Oyster Bay railroad station. There is a group of horse drawn carriages parked in front. Two annotated copies published several years apart by the same publisher. (B&W)

Babylon, BA005.jpg
View of the steamer “Oak Island” at the docks. There are a number of people and horse drawn carriages and wagons nearby on the landing. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (Color)
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