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Montauk, MT015.jpg
Exterior of the Montauk Lighthouse and the surrounding buildings. Two copies, one with handwritten message on verso. (B&W)

Montauk, MT016.jpg
View, from a distance, of the Montauk Point Lighthouse and Montauk Point. The shoreline, upon which a number of people are standing, and the Atlantic Ocean are in the foreground. Message, handwritten in German and dated August 13, 1952, on verso.…

Montauk, MT019.jpg
View of the Montauk Lighthouse and the surrounding grounds, which are part of Montauk Point State Park. (B&W)

Views of four different historic lighthouses: Horton Point Lighthouse (Southold), Montauk Lighthouse, Orient Point Light, and the Fire Island Lighthouse. Printed text on verso provides brief details about Long Island’s historic lighthouses. (Color)
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