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Advertisement for Joseph Irwin, auctioneer, real estate and insurance,  May 30, 1885.jpg
Advertisement for Joseph Irwin, auctioneer, real estate and insurance. The advertisement mentions "Farms and Village Property for Sale." Irwin's office was located at 67 Main Street, Huntington, N.Y.

A business brochure advertising ranch homes in the Post Acres housing development in Westbury, NY.

A business brochure advertising homes in a housing development in Wantagh, NY

A photograph of a single-story brick home with a carport in an unidentified housing development.

A photograph showing the backyard of a Santa Fe ranch home in the Saddle Rock Homes development in Great Neck, NY.

A promotional mailer sent by Joseph P. Day, Real Estate agent to unnamed recipient on March 10, 1939 pertaining to estates up for sale.

A promotional postcard advertising the availability of a three-story home in Hempstead, NY for rent.

A photograph of a single story home with carport, possibly located in the Park Garden housing development.

A NY State Real Estate Broker's license issued to John H. Strang from Wantagh, NY in 1927
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