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Wantagh, WC032.jpg
Exterior view of the Wantagh Hotel and Restaurant, on Wantagh Avenue. Caption on front reads, “At the Gateway to Jones Beach.” Printed text on verso provides brief details about the hotel. Also on verso is small map showing the hotel’s location.…

Aerial view of the Cherrywood Shopping Center, 1953.jpg
Aerial view of the Cherrywood Shopping Center, located at the corner of Wantagh and Jerusalem Avenues, in Wantagh, N.Y. (Note: The center takes its name from the estate of Capt. John Seaman, an early settler of the area).

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-16.jpg
A photograph of an old railroad station and "Jamaica" railroad car located at the Wantagh Musuem, 1700 Wantagh Avenue.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-18.jpg
A photograph of a tree-lined pond at the Forest City Community Park in Wantagh, New York.

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Wantagh, WC033.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring three views of the Sunrise Rest: the Bavarian Beer Garden, the Main Dining Room, and the exterior of the restaurant. Printed text and map on verso, Handwritten note on verso reads, “Aug 5th 1940 Edith and Mollie had…

John C. Birdsall, statement of account, 1799.jpg
John C. Birdsall account statement for sawing planks and boards for Rulef Duryee. The total balance for work performed was 1 pound 8 shillings 10 1/2 pence. Note: Birdsall resided in Jerusalem, N.Y. (present-day Wantagh), where he ran a general store…

Birdsall &  Jackson, memorandum of agreement, Mar. 14, 1791.jpg
Memorandum of Agreement in which John C. Birdsall and Parmenus Jackson agree to partner in building a sawmill and making a mill dam in Birdsalls Swamp, which was located in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh). Both men were residents of Jerusalem.

Birdsall & Seaman memorandum of agreement (general store), 1805.jpg
Memorandum of agreement in which Zebulon Seaman, a merchant, and John C. Birdsall agree to join in a business partnership for a period of one year. The business will involve trading, merchandising, marketing, and whatever else they should undertake.…

John C. Birdsall, John Garner, Willetts Seaman, articles of agreement, 1817.jpg
Articles of agreement between John C. Birdsall, on the one part, and John Garner and Willets Seaman, on the other part. The terms of the agreement lay out the conditions for Birdsall's rental of his general store, which was located in Jerusalem…
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