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Harvest hands group photo, 1890.jpg
Seven harvest hands sitting for a group photo. There are farm buildings and equipment behind them.

John Langdon receipt for payment made to Thomas Thirstan, 1721.jpg
John Langdon receipt for payment of seven shillings and nine pence made to Thomas Thirstan, "it being in full of all accounts bills & bonds & book debt[?]." The location listed at the top of the receipt was Jamaica [New York]. Note: Langdon operated…

Joseph Birdsall business note from John Hewlett, 1766.jpg
Business note from John Hewlett to Joseph Birdsall. In the note, Hewlett requests that Birdsall "let the bairer [sic] here of have three pounds of powder and twelve pounds of shot from me." Note: Birdsall owned a general store in Jerusalem…

A newspaper article from the Long Island News (January 20, 1971) about Thomas Wilson and Co. and its history.

Sails for Sale advertisement placed by sailmaker Archibald Mutch, May 30, 1885.jpg
"Sails for Sale" advertisement placed by sailmaker Archibald Mutch. Items advertised included four mainsails and one jib. Mutch had worked at Mills. Bros. in Northport and was, at this point, operating a business of his own in Patchogue, N.Y.

Westbury, WN034.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring an interior view of the “Emerald Room” at the Olde Colony Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. Annotation on verso reads, “previous location of the Clam…

Lynbrook, LO021.jpg
Real photo postcard of Henri Charpentier (chef/owner) in a chef’s uniform, standing in an entrance surrounded by flowers and trees. Text on front of the card reads, “TONELLE FLEURIE” ORIGINAL HENRI RESTAURANT. Printed text on verso provides…

Great Neck, GI012 .jpg
View of dining room at the Town Club. Printed text (in red ink) on verso reads, “Lester Lanin’s Music for Dancing Nitely (Except Mondays).” Also printed on verso are two reviews from area newspapers. Handwritten message and addressee information also…

Long Beach, LN032.jpg
Image of a row of Old English shops on Block 116 as they would look after construction was completed. (Color)
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