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Southold, SU017.jpg
View of St. Patrick’s Church and rectory building, as seen from across Main Road. (B&W)

Smithtown, SP003.jpg
View of the First Presbyterian Church, as seen from across the street. (B&W)

Shelter Island, SL007.jpg
Exterior view of the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church. (Color)

Setauket, SK007.jpg
Exterior front view of the Setauket Methodist Church. The dates 1843 and 1943 are written on the bottom left and right sides of the card to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the church. (B&W)

Setauket, SK005.jpg
Snow-covered view of the Setauket Presbyterian Church and its adjoining cemetery. The Setauket World War I monument, which is on the Village Green, is seen in the foreground. Printed text on verso provides information about the structure. Note:…

Setauket, SK003.jpg
View of the Caroline Church of Brookhaven and its adjoining cemetery. Printed text on verso provides information about the church. Note: Caroline Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. (Color)

Sea Cliff, SG051.jpg
Exterior front view of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Message on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (B&W)

Sea Cliff, SG042.jpg
Facsimile of a 1910 photograph of Saint Boniface Church, the walls of which are covered in ivy. (B&W)
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