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A business card for Smithtown Concrete Products Corp. The card is in the shape of a cinder block.

A photograph showing two construction workers standing by pier #4 of the Long Beach Bridge as the cofferdam around it is being removed.

A photograph showing a construction working standing at the base of Long Beach Bridge's pier #9 during the removal of its cofferdam.

A photograph depicting construction of the Long Beach Bridge looking northwest and showing pier #5 to the north abutment.

Hempstead Photographs 1-39.jpg
View of the Hempstead Theatre, south side of Fulton Avenue between Main Street and Washington Street, under construction. Four workers are in front of the building.

Stair Builders, Inc., advertising card, c.1950s.jpg
Advertising card for Stair Builders, Inc. Text on the card lists the name "T.P. Elderd," the phone number and address of the business, and a caption that reads: "We would appreciate doing your stair work." (B&W)
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