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Westbury, WN034.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring an interior view of the “Emerald Room” at the Olde Colony Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. Annotation on verso reads, “previous location of the Clam…

Lynbrook, LO021.jpg
Real photo postcard of Henri Charpentier (chef/owner) in a chef’s uniform, standing in an entrance surrounded by flowers and trees. Text on front of the card reads, “TONELLE FLEURIE” ORIGINAL HENRI RESTAURANT. Printed text on verso provides…

Long Beach, LN032.jpg
Image of a row of Old English shops on Block 116 as they would look after construction was completed. (Color)

Lynbrook, LO029.jpg
View of Atlantic Avenue, with businesses on both sides of the street. Among the businesses pictured are L. Wolff Clothing and Shoes, John Hiller Bakery, Karn’s, and Charley Tong Laundry. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso.…

Lynbrook, LO030.jpg
View of Atlantic Avenue, with businesses lining the street (at left). Among the businesses pictured are Karn’s and a grocery store. Message on front and addressee information on verso. (B&W)

Lynbrook, LO025.jpg
View of an automobile, carriage, and machine works building, with a group of men lined up alongside it. Several automobiles are also pictured on the property. Note included with the postcard states that in a 1914 atlas, a “Lynbrook Carriage Works” is…

Lynbrook, LO024.jpg
Exterior view of Betty’s Hotel at Merrick Road and Hempstead Avenue. (Color)

Long Beach, LN028.jpg
View of a large crowd of people walking on the boardwalk. The Hotel Nassau is pictured at right. (B&W)

Woodmere, WT003.jpg
Real photo postcard of the Colonial Pharmacy at the corner of Broadway & Irving Place. (B&W)

Westbury, WN032.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring a view of the dining room at Burt Bacharach’s Dover House restaurant. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. (Color)
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