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Lynbrook, LO030.jpg
View of Atlantic Avenue, with businesses lining the street (at left). Among the businesses pictured are Karn’s and a grocery store. Message on front and addressee information on verso. (B&W)

East Moriches, EJ001.jpg
View looking down Atlantic Avenue, which was at the time an unpaved dirt road. The avenue is lined by trees and buildings on both sides. Two men are standing at far right. Stamped in ink (on verso) are the words, “H.A. HEDGES, CENTER MORICHES, L.I.” …

Shoreham, SO002.jpg
View of scenic tree lined road. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO003.jpg
View looking down a scenic tree lined road, with a house (partially obscured by trees) at right. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO011.jpg
View of a road with houses (mostly obscured by trees) along its left side. (B&W)

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Bellmore, BO001.jpg
View of a steamroller driving down an unpaved portion of Bellmore Avenue. Handwritten message and sender's signature on front of card. (B&W)

Bellport, BP013.jpg
View looking down Bellport Avenue, which is line by trees on both sides. Handwritten message on the front of the card. (B&W)

Freeport, FK007.jpg
View looking down Bergen Place, north to Lena Avenue. The street is lined by trees and there are two houses on the left side. There is a handwritten message on the front of the card and addressee information on the back. (B/W)

Shoreham, SO012.jpg
View looking down scenic Briarcliffe Road, which is lined by trees on both sides. A car is driving away in the distance. (B&W)

Cedarhurst, CF004.jpg
View of Broadway off Oakland Ave. There is a house on the left and an automobile driving away down the street. (Color)
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