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Capt. John Birdsall, receipt, 1795 .jpg
Receipt for purchases made by Capt. John Birdsall from William Hawxhurst. Items purchased include salt, molasses, and sugar. Birdsall resided in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh). The location at the top of the receipt is listed as "Cold Spring," which…

Joseph Birdsall bill for purchase of dry goods from Willett & Obadiah Seaman, c.1790s.jpg
Joseph Birdsall bill in the amount of 9 pounds and 19 shillings for the purchase of dry goods from Willett & Obadiah Seaman, New York City merchants. Items purchased included salt, silks, and indigo. The name Birdsall was spelled "Burdsel", which was…

Joseph Birdsall business letter from Joseph Burr, 1767.jpg
Business letter from Joseph Burr to Joseph Birdsall, to whom Burr sold wholesale goods. In the letter, Burr requests that Birdsall come and "fetch the salt soon." He also mentions that he may able to obtain some rum should Birdsall want some.

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