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Advertisement for the Babylon Nursery, P.H. Foster, proprietor, May 30, 1885.jpg
Advertisement for the Babylon Nursery, P.H. Foster, proprietor. Items for sale included trees, shrubs, roses, and "a general assortment of everything wanted from a nursery at a less price than they can be raised for.

Shoreham, SO005.jpg
View of a house with a number of trees on the front of the property, as seen from the end of the driveway. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO002.jpg
View of scenic tree lined road. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO003.jpg
View looking down a scenic tree lined road, with a house (partially obscured by trees) at right. (B&W)

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Lynbrook, LO009.jpg
View looking down tree lined Hempstead Avenue, with houses on both sides of the street. (Color)

Hempstead, HH049.jpg
View of Seabury’s Pond on Fulton Avenue, with large trees along the shore. (B&W)

Sands Point, SE004.jpg
View of the allée (lined on both sides by locust trees) in the gardens leading to the main house at Villa Carola, the estate of Mrs. I. Guggenheim (Carrie Guggenheim). A portion of the main house can be seen in the distance. Note: The estate was…

View looking across an unidentified body of water on the North Fork. There is a tree-lined shoreline in the background. Handwritten message on verso. (B&W)

Hempstead, HH037.jpg
View of Seabury’s Pond, with large trees along the shore. (B&W)

Southold, SU020.jpg
View of a big Kentucky coffeetree with a house behind it and a barn at right. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso.
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