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Amagansett, AC001.jpg
Men carving up a whale on the shore at Amagansett. A crowd of onlookers are standing nearby. Caption reads: “Whale Captured at Amagansett. L.I. Feb 22nd, 1907. 57 Feet long, 15 feet from Tip to Tip of Flukes, Skeleton now on Exhibition at Museum of…

Cold Spring Harbor, CL001.jpg
View of the museum, as seen from across the street. (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL002.jpg
View of an exhibit case filled with objects concerning whaling . (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL003.jpg
View of a whaleboat on display in the museum. (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL004.jpg
View of two exhibit cases filled with objects concerning whaling. There are harpoons mounted on the wall behind the cases. (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL015.jpg
Illustrations of scrimshaw designs on the face and the reverse side of whale’s tooth. (B&W)

East Hampton, ED007.jpg
View of a whaling boat and its crew on the shoreline. (B&W)

Sag Harbor, SB023.jpg
View of room in which whaling era relics are on display. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the house and the items on exhibit. Note: Built in 1845, the building was originally the home of Benjamin Huntting, a prominent Sag Harbor…
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