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Wading River, WA001.jpg
View of road through camping area at Wildwood State Park. Printed text on verso provides details about the park, which was then under the jurisdiction of the Long Island State Park Commission (abolished in 1977). Message and addressee information,…

Valley Stream, VA008.jpg
View looking down Merrick Rd. There is an oncoming horse-drawn wagon at left, and an automobile traveling in the opposite direction, at right. There is also a house on the left side of the street and a commercial building on the right. Message and…

Southold, SU018.jpg
View of the tree lined road from the creek, with houses visible at left. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO012.jpg
View looking down scenic Briarcliffe Road, which is lined by trees on both sides. A car is driving away in the distance. (B&W)

Shoreham, SO011.jpg
View of a road with houses (mostly obscured by trees) along its left side. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO008.jpg
View looking down Woodville Road towards the stone railroad bridge that crosses over it. There is an oncoming car near the bridge’s underpass. (B&W)

Shoreham, SO006.jpg
View of a curve on Sturgis Road, with a couple of houses (largely obscured by trees) at left. (B&W)

Shoreham, SO003.jpg
View looking down a scenic tree lined road, with a house (partially obscured by trees) at right. (B&W)

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Shoreham, SO002.jpg
View of scenic tree lined road. (B&W)

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Shinnecock Hills, SM002.jpg
View of a curving portion of the Sunrise Trail (Montauk Highway) over Shinnecock Hills, on the way to Sag Harbor. An automobile can be seen driving off in the distance. (B&W)
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