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Engerer Family Papers Collection


Engerer, Ernest, Captain, 1983 -1964.
Federal Theatre Project (U.S.).
Shepherd Dog Club of America
United States. Works Progress Administration.
Animal training.
Animals in the performing arts.
Animal welfare.
Circus animals.
Circus--United States--History.
Lion attacks.
Kennels--New York (State)--Long Island.
Police dogs.
Laurelton (N.Y.).
Long Island (N.Y.).
Queens County (N.Y.).
Circus owners.
Circus performers.
Dog trainers.
Lion trainers.


The “Engerer Family Papers” consists of family and business papers relating to Captain Ernest Engerer’s career in the United States circa 1914 to 1964 as an animal trainer and animal act performer.


Natalia Sucre


Hofstra University Special Collections/Long Island Studies Institute


c. 1920 – 1964, 2008


Michael Curtis


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Collection Items

"Captain Engerer and His Performing Police Dogs" Advertisement
An advertisement for "Captain Engerer and His Performing Police Dogs" describing the dogs and their talents.

Lion in Cage
A photograph of a lion crossing a balance beam in a cage as onlookers watch from outside the bars.

Lion Mauling Newspaper Articlw
A newspaper article from "The Sun" published June 15, 1963 describing a mauling Captain Engerer received from one of his big cats.

Captain Engerer's Police Dog Training Academy Postcard
A postcard advertising Captain Engerer's Police Dog Training Academy.

Ernest Engerer, Jr. Performing with Dog
A photograph of Ernest Engerer, Jr. performing with a German Shepard as part of his father's show.

Captain Engerer's Society Circus Programme
A theatrical programme for a performance by "Captain Engerer's Society Circus"

Lion Leaps through Flaming Hoop
A lion leaps through a flaming hoop as part of a circus performance.

Police Dog Training Academy Program
A program for a performance put on by Captain Engerer's Police Dog Training Academy featuring a photograph of Captain Engerer and the "police sleuth" dog, Teutel.

Engerer Circus Strongman
A stongman from the Engerer Circus lifts a heavily loaded barbell.

Police Academy Event Flyer
An advertising flyer for "17 Outstanding Animal Acts" to be presented by Captain Engerer's Police Dog Training Academy on August 25th c. 1920s.
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