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Huntington Plate & Window Glass Shop, receipt, 1929.jpg
Receipt from The Huntington Plate & Window Glass Shop for a glass and copper front set, sold to Mr. J. Cantwell. The receipt was for $260.00, which was the remaining balance owed on a charge of $510.00. The store was located at 300 New York Avenue.

F. & A.M. Bayles, receipt, November 1903.jpg
Receipt from F. & A. M. Bayles, Dealers in Coal, Wood, Hay, Grain, Etc., for charges totaling $98.68. Included were charges for coal, hay, oats, wood, kindling, and bran. The store was located at the corner of South Street and Railroad Avenue.

Birdsall Post, receipt, Sep. 1895.jpg
Receipt from Birdsall Post, a general store at the corner of Fulton and Main Streets. The receipt, which was billed to the estate of James Cruickshank, was for the amount of $34.73.

Park House Hotel, receipt, July 21, 1894.jpg
Receipt from The Park House hotel for charges totaling $33.00. Charges include board, washing, cigars, and livery service for a horse. In the upper left corner, there is an image of the hotel. Next to the image there is text that reads: "The Park…

O.O. Anderson, receipt, Mar. 20, 1883.jpg
Receipt from O.O. Anderson, Dealer in French and American Confectionery of All Kinds, for $3.60. Items purchased included lemon hard gum and licorice. O.O. Anderson also sold cigars, tobacco, etc.

Newins & Griswold, receipt, Feb. 3, 1882.jpg
Receipt from Newins & Griswold, Manufacturers of All Grades of Cigars, for purchase of $12.00 worth of cigars.

Languilete & Powell, auction notice, Oct. 1865.jpg
Broadside for an auction notice for a sale of wood "as it stands on 15 or 20 acres of land, situate on the Plain-edge at Woodbury, L.I.," by Languilete & Powell. The name "Isaac H. Jones, Woodbury, L.I." is printed at the bottom of the page. The date…

Star Oyster Company, stock certificate, July 28, 1906.jpg
Stock certificate for one share ($100.00) of capital stock of the Star Oyster Company. Certificate was issued to A.F. Skinner.

Gelman's Liquour Store, catalog, 1958.jpg
Cover of the Gelman Liquor Store catalog for 1959. Cover features an illustration of a group of men and women at a home bar. The 40 page catalog includes price lists, a gift guide, home bar layouts, and a vintage wine chart.

Vagabond, advertising card, c.1930s.jpg
Advertising card for Vagabond photography, which was located at 160 Lincoln Avenue. The card features an exterior view of the San Su San night club (Mineola) and an aerial view of an unidentified building. Text lists address, phone number, and the…
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