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Tony Canozeri Shoe Shop, advertising card, c.1940s.jpg
Advertising card for the Tony Canozeri Shoe Shop (shoe repair). Text on card provides location, phone number, and a listing of services and prices. (The card is light green and the text is printed in black ink.)

Stair Builders, Inc., advertising card, c.1950s.jpg
Advertising card for Stair Builders, Inc. Text on the card lists the name "T.P. Elderd," the phone number and address of the business, and a caption that reads: "We would appreciate doing your stair work." (B&W)

Rudolph Stube,  advertising card, c.1890s.jpg
Advertising card for Rudolph Stube High Class Bakery. Text describes products, service, and location of the bakery. (B&W)

Poquatuck,  advertising card, c.1890s.jpg
Advertising card for the Poquatuck, a yacht that could be rented for sailing or "pic-nic" parties. Text includes the name John W. Ripley (possibly the owner) and states that orders can be left with G.A. Halsey. (B&W)

Miller & Ellison, advertising card, c.1890s.jpg
Advertising card for Miller & Ellison, Contractors and Builders. (B&W)

Louis Klemm Printing, advertising card, c.1960s.jpg
Advertising card, printed in green ink, for Louis Klemm Printing. Printed text provides address and contact information along with a list of items available for printing.

Lakeview Hand Laundry, advertising card, 1936.jpg
Advertising card for the opening of the Lakeview Hand Laundry. Text includes address, telephone number, and a list of services. (White card with text printed in blue ink.)

I. Zaret & Sons, Inc., advertising card, 1920s .jpg
Advertising card for I. Zaret & Sons, Inc. "Old Company's Lehigh" is printed in each of the four corners of the card. Text states that I. Zaret & Sons are the successors to John Booth. (B & W)

Grube's Restaurant, advertising card, c.1930s .jpg
Advertising card for Grube's Restaurant. Card features an exterior image of Grube's along with text that provides brief details about the restaurant. (B&W)

Bank of Smithtown, advertising card, c.1940s.jpg
Advertising card for the Bank of Smithtown (Smithtown Branch). The image on the cover is of a snowy scene in which a man is walking ahead of a team of oxen pulling a sled that has a large tree in it. A house is pictured in the background. (Color)
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