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Hicksville, HN011.jpg
View of the Long Island National Bank Hicksville. (B&W)

Hicksville, HN006.jpg
View of the Bank of Hicksville from across the street. (Color)

Hicksville, HN003.jpg
View of the Long Island National Bank from across the street

Hempstead, HH070.jpg
Exterior front view of the First National Bank building. (Color)

Hempstead, HH028.jpg
View of Fulton Street, looking east. Commercial buildings, including the Hempstead Bank building (at right), line both sides of the street. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Center Moriches, CG006.jpg
View of the exterior of the Center Moriches Bank building from across the street. (Hand-colored)

Cedarhurst, CF006.jpg
View of the multi-story fire department and bank building, as seen from across the street. (B&W)
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