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Hicksville, HN007.jpg
View looking down Broadway. There is a commercial building at left; houses line the right side of the street. There is also a small group of people in the street at left. (Color)

Hicksville, HN005.jpg
View of the “Triangle” between Broadway and Jerusalem Avenue. There are buildings visible in the triangle, and along Jerusalem Avenue at right. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Freeport, FK004.jpg
View of a row of commercial buildings along one side of Broadway. The word “FREEPORT” is spelled out in tall white letters on the grass on the opposite side of the street. (Color)

Cedarhurst, CF004.jpg
View of Broadway off Oakland Ave. There is a house on the left and an automobile driving away down the street. (Color)

Amityville, AD017.jpg
View of the intersection of Merrick Rd. and Broadway with the Elliot Building at center. (B&W)
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