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Rushmore Farms account book (pages 1-11) for produce sales for 1906-1908.pdf
Rushmore Farms account book pages for produce sales for 1906-1908. Produce sold included corn, potatoes, beets, beans, carrots, etc. Note: The account book covers the years 1906-1941.

Two unidentified men in wagon being pulled by a team of oxen at Rushmore Farms, c.1910s.jpg
Two unidentified men in a wagon being pulled by a team of oxen at Rushmore Farms

Harvest hands group photo, 1890.jpg
Seven harvest hands sitting for a group photo. There are farm buildings and equipment behind them.

William Garner, Sr., receipt for purchases of guano, meal, and flax seed from Henderson & Amberman, 1859.jpg
Receipt for payment of $12.69 made by William Garner, Sr., to Henderson & Amberman, Dealers In Grain, Flour, Meal, Feed, Hay & Guano, at Jamaica, N.Y. Payment was for the purchase of guano, meal, and flax seed. Note: Garner was a son of John Garner…

Joseph Birdsall receipt for partial payment for purchase of farm from Thomas Allen, 1766.jpg
Receipt for partial payment of one hundred pounds made to Thomas Allen by Joseph Birdsall for the purchase of a farm. Note: Birdsall owned a general store in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), N.Y. He was also a surveyor, a partner in a grist mill, a…

View of a duck farm with hundreds of ducks in the water and on the grounds near the farm buildings. (Color)

Moriches, MU002.jpg
View of a man feeding dinner to a large flock of ducks at Swift Stream Farms. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)
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