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Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-27.jpg
View of buildings on the north side of Front St., between Franklin and Main Streets. Pictured are Traub’s furniture (left) and Hempstead Flag Co. (Partyland).

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-29.jpg
Albert Furniture Co. (for bedding) building, north side of Front Street, between Franklin and Main Streets.

Hempstead Photographs 1-21.jpg
Cranes Inc. of Hempstead, at southwest corner of Little Main (South Main Street) and Front Streets, as seen from across Front Street. Prospect School on Peninsula Boulevard is visible down Little Main Street.

Hempstead, HH059.jpg
Exterior view of the Liberty Hall building on Front Street

Hempstead, HH083.jpg
View looking down Front Street, which is lined by commercial buildings on both sides. There is a cart at the curb (at right) and a wagon in the middle of the street. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Hempstead, HH043.jpg
View looking down Front Street. There is a house with a picket fence at left; trees line both sides of the street. Addressee information on verso. (B&W)

Hempstead Photographs 1-46.jpg
View of Main Street, looking north, from across intersection of Front and Main Streets. Both sides of the street are lined with businesses. Two policemen are standing in the intersection.

Hempstead Photographs 1-11.jpg
Building on at southwest corner of Little Main and Front Streets, as seen from across Front Street. Pictured (l-r): Madame Annette and John Schwartz retail clothing shops. Offices on second floor include E. Dahlman (surgeon-dentist); Samuel S.…

Hempstead Photographs 1-13.jpg
Businesses on south side of Front Street, just west of Main Street. Pictured (l-r): Braggs Men’s Clothing, Arthur’s Auto Supply, unidentified, a delicatessen, and a hardware store.

Hempstead Photographs 1-61.jpg
Facsimile of a c.1900s photograph of the southeast corner of Front and Greenwich Streets. Pictured are the Hempstead Inquirer building and several other buildings.
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