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Garden City Hotel, advertisement, c.1901.pdf
Advertisement for the new Garden City Hotel , located in Garden City, N.Y. The advertisement included interior and exterior views of the hotel, as well as an exterior view of the nearby Cathedral of the Incarnation.

Garden City, GA026.jpg
Exterior view of the Stewart Inn, as seen from the driveway leading up to the building. Handwritten message on verso reads: “C.S.B. H.L.B. July 1918. ‘Au revoir’!” (B&W)

Garden City, GA025.jpg
Exterior view of the west end of the Garden City Hotel and the grounds around the front of the building. (B&W)

A promotional record cleaner from the Garden City Music Center in Garden City, NY.

A business card or pawn ticket for Spies Camera Shop in Garden City, NY.

Construction worker sitting on crane in front of the Garden City Hotel. The crane was used in the demolition of the hotel.

The Garden City Hotel was built in 1874 by architect A.T. Stewart. Famous guests include John F. Kennedy Jr., Margaret…
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