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Old Westbury, OH008.jpg
View of the Walled Italian Garden across the Lotus Pool at Westbury House at Old Westbury Gardens. Printed description on verso. Note: Old Westbury Gardens is the former estate of John Shaffer Phipps, heir to a U.S. Steel fortune. (Color)

Centerport, CI002.jpg
View of an informal garden adjoining the Vanderbilt Museum. Message and addressee information on verso. (Color)

Floral Park, FG015.jpg
View, printed in red ink, of a large bed of canna plants (in bloom) on the grounds of John Lewis Childs. The Childs family coat of arms is printed on the left side of the verso.

Oyster Bay, OJ012.jpg
View of a flowing fountain in a landscaped garden. The postcard has been trimmed to a size of approximately 2-9/16 in. x 5-3/8 in., and a small bit of printed text on the verso has been cut off. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on…
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