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Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-109.jpg
A photograph of Ed & Angela Powers and an unidentified individual at a Republican Convention. Ed Powers is holding a plaque.

Artist's conception illustration of ranch-style model home for Levitt development.

Artist's rendition of Model #5 home for the initial wave of houses for Levittown.

Levittown map2.jpg
A map of Levittown, NY from a mailer for the real-estate company Levittown Equities Inc.

The first page of a lease agreement for a Levittown home with covenants the tenant agreed to abide by during his occupancy of the home.

Photograph of the decorated and furnished interior of a model house in the Levitt development.

Work crews working on the lawns outside of completed Levittown homes. One worker pushing a wheelbarrow is in the foreground.

Crews working on lawn of completed Levitt house
A work crew working on the lawn of a finished Levittown home.

Contract Signing Day, c 1948.jpg
A photograph of people signing rental and homeowner contracts for homes in Levittown, NY on August 18, 1949.
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