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Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-109.jpg
A photograph of Ed & Angela Powers and an unidentified individual at a Republican Convention. Ed Powers is holding a plaque.

Artist's rendition of Model #5 home for the initial wave of houses for Levittown.

Photograph of the decorated and furnished interior of a model house in the Levitt development.

Aerial photograph of Island Trees area prior to the construction of the Levitt & Sons development.

Artist's conception illustration of ranch-style model home for Levitt development.

Contract Signing Day, c 1948.jpg
A photograph of people signing rental and homeowner contracts for homes in Levittown, NY on August 18, 1949.

Work crews working on the lawns outside of completed Levittown homes. One worker pushing a wheelbarrow is in the foreground.

The first page of a lease agreement for a Levittown home with covenants the tenant agreed to abide by during his occupancy of the home.

Crews working on lawn of completed Levitt house
A work crew working on the lawn of a finished Levittown home.

Levittown map2.jpg
A map of Levittown, NY from a mailer for the real-estate company Levittown Equities Inc.
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