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Fishers Island, FE006.jpg
Exterior view of the Mansion House from across a large lawn. (Black and White)

Fishers Island, FE001.jpg
Exterior view (partially obstructed by trees) of the Mansion House hotel, with a few people and a horse drawn cart out in front. (Color)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL009.jpg
View of the main house and swimming pool from the sunken gardens at "Sanita." New York City Sanitation Department workers and their families are seen swimming in and standing around the pool. Note: In June, 1939, Addie Kahn, wife of Otto Kahn, sold…

Centerport, CI002.jpg
View of an informal garden adjoining the Vanderbilt Museum. Message and addressee information on verso. (Color)

Brookville, BX001.jpg
View of James B. Clews’ La Lanterne estate, as seen from the end of its curving driveway. Note: The estate was designed for Clews, a senior partner of the brokerage firm of Henry Clews & Co., by Horace Trumbauer around 1929. The estate was designed…
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