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Hempstead, HH047.jpg
View of the rectory of St. George’s Episcopal Church and a memorial cannon on the snow-covered field adjacent to it. Annotation, including date “July 4, 1912,” handwritten on verso. (Color)

Bellport, BP004.jpg
View of Memorial Park, including cannon and flagpole. There are two houses in the background. (B&W)

Setauket, SK002.jpg
Partial view of Frank Melville Memorial Park, including the surrounding drive and some plantings, one of two ponds, a dam and grist mill (in the distance), and part of a small building at left. Printed text on verso provides information about the…

Southampton, ST006.jpg
View of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, which was erected in 1897 in memory of the soldiers and sailors of Southampton who served their country. The site later became known as Monument Square. (Color)
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