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East Hampton, ED014.jpg
View of Guild Hall, as seen from across the street. There is a car parked in front. (Hand colored)

Centerport, CI002.jpg
View of an informal garden adjoining the Vanderbilt Museum. Message and addressee information on verso. (Color)

Oyster Bay, OJ026.jpg
View of the c.1851 Victorian master bedroom at the Raynham Hall Museum, which was the Townsend family home from 1738-1941. (Color)

Centerport, CI005.jpg
View of the Hall of Fishes museum building. The entrance to the building is lined by ornate columns on both sides. The rest of the building's facade is also adorned with ornate architectural features. Printed text on verso provides information about…

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Centerport, CI008.jpg
View of the Vanderbilt Museum and landscaped grounds overlooking Northport Harbor. Printed text on verso provides information about the Vanderbilt Museum. (Color)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL001.jpg
View of the museum, as seen from across the street. (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL002.jpg
View of an exhibit case filled with objects concerning whaling . (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL003.jpg
View of a whaleboat on display in the museum. (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL004.jpg
View of two exhibit cases filled with objects concerning whaling. There are harpoons mounted on the wall behind the cases. (B&W)
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