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Long Island Photograph Collection 9-27.jpg
Architectural rendering of the Town of Oyster Bay Refuse Incinerator Plant No. 2. The rendering was created for Henry J. Campbell Jr. Consulting Engineers, by T. Pepper. Construction of the facility was completed in 1967.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-19.jpg
A photograph of a batter, catcher, and umpire at home plate during a vintage baseball game at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. The batter is wearing a yellow hat with a purple shirt.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-20.jpg
A photograph taken at Old Bethpage Village Restoration of a batter wearing a white shirt and a white and red-striped hat holding a bat. An old wooden structure is seen in the background.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-21.jpg
View of the baseball field at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. A wooden fence is in the foreground and a baseball team can be seen on the field.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-22.jpg
A photograph of a pitcher in a white shirt throwing a ball to the batter waiting at home plate. The batter is wearing a blue cap and white pants with a pinstripe, and the umpire can be seen in the foreground. This picture was taken at the Old…

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-23.jpg
A photograph of thirteen members of the Mineola baseball team taken at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. The team uniform consists of blue trousers with white suspenders, a blue shirt with a white "M" on the front, and a blue cap.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-24.jpg
A photograph depicting various baseball players in vintage uniform. The Suffolk, Mineola, and Hicksville uniforms can be seen.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-25.jpg
A photograph of Gary Monti, posing as the umpire, was taken at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. He is wearing a black top hat with a white band, a white shirt with a blue tie, and a blue vest. The umpire is seen holding a ball.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-26.jpg
A photograph of a vintage baseball player in a blue uniform and blue cap running for home plate.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-27.jpg
A photograph of Powell Tavern at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.
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