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Oyster Bay, OJ041.jpg
View of the grist mill, with several people standing near the entrance. A horse drawn wagon is parked out in front. [A note that accompanied the postcard stated that a 1914 atlas has grist mill on north side of West Main Street and west of Willow…

Oyster Bay, OJ014.jpg
View of Oyster Bay from a tree-lined meadow in which a person is sitting at left. Message on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (B&W)

A ceramic ashtray from the Oyster Bay Hospital in Oyster Bay, NY.

Pages from the account book showing birth, marriage, and death dates of members of some of Oyster Bay's families covering the period between 1777 and 1805.

The account book pages showing the business accounts of Jacob Ellerson, Jacob Mott, William Mott, and Louis Hewlett.

The account book pages showing the business accounts of Micaiah Townsend, Rich Williams, and Tho(mas) Williams.
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