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Photograph of outside the Calderone Theatre in Hempstead on opening day in June 1949 showing crowd, marquee, and marching band.

Patchogue, PA026.jpg
Overhead view of a large crowd of people watching a Tournament Day parade on Main Street. (B&W)

Hempstead Photographs 1-23.jpg
Hempstead Fire Department members during a firemen’s parade. Spectators gathered along the street. Department members pictured include Lewis H. Clowes, R.G. Powell, E.C. Muncke, Stewart Cornelius, Samuel W. Burt, Charles Cook. Photo taken on Front…

Hempstead Photographs 1-24.jpg
Hempstead Fire Department group photo taken during a firemen’s parade, possibly on Front Street. The parade may have been part of a firemen's tournament festivities.
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