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Southampton, ST002.jpg
View of the Roman Caesars statuary on the south side of the Parrish Art Museum. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the image and about Southampton. Note: The statues are marble copies of originals in the Vatican, Rome. Samuel…

Southampton, ST007.jpg
Exterior view of the Parrish Art Museum. (Hand-Colored)

Southampton, ST019.jpg
Interior view of a new addition, looking north, to the Parrish Art Museum. Pictured are a number of sculptures, including two titled “Madonna and Child.” The name “Miss Geffency” is written on the verso. (B&W)

Southampton, ST023.jpg
Exterior view of the exterior of the Parrish Art Museum. There is a fountain, at right, on the lawn. Message on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (B&W)
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