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Freeport, FK024.jpg
View of the exterior of Grove Theater from across the street. (Color)

Published overview of the Calderone Theatres and Salvatore Calderone, published by the Long Island Studies Institute at Hofstra University

A printed pamphlet released to announce the grand opening of the Calderone Theatre in Hempstead, NY

An artist's rendition of the proposed Calderone Theatre to be built in Hempstead, NY

The Calderone Theatre in Hempstead under construction with period cars visible parked along the street.

Photograph of outside the Calderone Theatre in Hempstead on opening day in June 1949 showing crowd, marquee, and marching band.

Photograph of the interior of the house of the Calderone Theatre in Hempstead, NY

A photograph of the exterior of the Cove Theatre in Glen Cove, NY, showing the marquee.
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