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Southampton, ST013.jpg
View of Main Street, looking south. There are automobiles along both curbs as well as in the road. A few commercial buildings (mostly obscured by trees) are visible at right. (Color)

Southampton, ST005.jpg
View of the Southampton Bathing Pavilion, with a line of automobiles parked outside. (B&W)

Blue Point, BR005.jpg
View looking down South Main Street, which is lined by trees on both sides. There are two cars parked along the right side of the street. (B&W)

Hempstead, HH104.jpg
Advertising postcard with a view of the Small Cars, Inc. showroom and service center, as seen from diagonally across North Franklin Street. There are also a number of used cars on the lot. Printed text on verso lists address and phone number of the…

Smithtown, SP004.jpg
Advertising postcard with view of the Ralph Oldsmobile automobile dealership. There are a number of cars parked in the lot in front of the building. Address, phone number and slogan printed on verso. (Color)

Mineola, MS026.jpg
View of automobiles and large crowd of people lined up outside the railing of the racetrack at the Mineola Fair Grounds. A horse race is in progress. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (Color)

Mattituck, MK019.jpg
View looking down Railroad Avenue, with commercial buildings at right and a few automobiles parked at the curb. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Manhasset, MC011.jpg
Nighttime view of Pilgrim Plymouth Inc. on Northern Boulevard. There are three automobiles parked, at left, in front of the building. Slogan printed on front of the postcard reads, “Plymouth is Our Only Business.” Printed text on verso provides brief…

East Hampton, ED010.jpg
View looking down Pantigo Road. At left, there are two men working on the tire of an automobile as a woman looks on. (Color)

Patchogue, PA008.jpg
View looking down Ocean Avenue, which is lined by commercial buildings on both sides. Automobiles are parked along the curbs, and a small number of people are walking on the sidewalk. Trolley tracks run down the middle of the road. (B&W)
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