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Wantagh, WC005.jpg
View of crowded beach and boardwalk at Jones Beach State Park. Printed text on verso provides details about the park. Message and addressee’s name, both handwritten, on verso. (Color)

Stony Brook, SY014.jpg
View of West Meadow Beach and the Long Island Sound, with a number of cottages along the shoreline. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Southold, SU002.jpg
View of the bathing beach, with a number of buildings in the background. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Shoreham, SO001.jpg
View of hills and the shoreline below. There are three women (at left) on a hill, with a number of houses visible in the background. Down below, several people can be seen on the beach. The Long Island Sound is visible at right. Message and…

Sea Cliff, SG054.jpg
View of a bathing beach, with swimmers in the water and beachgoers on the sand. People can also be seen walking along a boardwalk at right. Date and sender’s name on front, addressee information on back. (B&W)

Sea Cliff, SG049.jpg
Facsimile of a 1907 photograph of bathing girls lined up on the shore at Edgewater Beach. (B&W)

Sea Cliff, SG002.jpg
View of beach and buildings at the base of a cliff. There are people on the beach and others in the water. There are also two people in a rowboat in the foreground. Two copies, one with annotation on the front and addressee information on the back.…

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Rocky Point, RF001.jpg
View of people fishing along the shoreline of North Shore Beach. There are cliffs visible in the background. (B&W)

Point Lookout, PH001.jpg
View of Point Lookout Beach with the Atlantic Ocean in the background. There are a few groups of people on the beach and two men standing in the foreground by a lifeguard boat. (The image is black and white except for the sky, which is colored light…

Northport, NZ019.jpg
View of Crab Meadow Beach and the Long Island Sound. There are sunbathers on the beach and swimmers in the water. Printed text on verso provides a brief description of Crab Meadow Beach. (Color)
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