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Pages from the General Store Account Book showing purchases made on March 26, 1909

The interior back cover and last page of the account book containing pencil and ink business-related entries.

Pages from the Walter's Laundry Service, Inc. accounts receivable ledger with attached ephemera.

A receipt issued to the Woodward Bros. from the Antilles Coffee Co. in New York City.

A bill of timber for the construction of two houses and two gates along the South Oyster Bay Turnpike.

Birdsall & Jackson notice of dissolution of partnership, 1812.jpg
A notice of dissolution of partnership of John C. Birdsall and Micah Jackson, known as Birdsall & Jackson. The two men operated a general store in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), N.Y.

Pages from one of the Thomas Wilson and Co. Inc. ledgers showing merchandise expenses for the years 1927 to 1932.

A receipt issued to the Woodward Bros. from Bronson, Brown & Co., tea merchants in New York City.
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