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Lynbrook, LO026.jpg
Exterior view of the Fountain Inn on Merrick Road. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

A full page newspaper advertisement for a sale held by Storman's Ski Outlets.

Lynbrook, LO024.jpg
Exterior view of Betty’s Hotel at Merrick Road and Hempstead Avenue. (Color)

Lynbrook, LO025.jpg
View of an automobile, carriage, and machine works building, with a group of men lined up alongside it. Several automobiles are also pictured on the property. Note included with the postcard states that in a 1914 atlas, a “Lynbrook Carriage Works” is…

Lynbrook, LO029.jpg
View of Atlantic Avenue, with businesses on both sides of the street. Among the businesses pictured are L. Wolff Clothing and Shoes, John Hiller Bakery, Karn’s, and Charley Tong Laundry. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso.…

Lynbrook, LO019.jpg
Advertising postcard with exterior view of the Nicholas Pellegrino Motors automobile dealership on Sunrise Highway. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the dealership, including the fact that they sold De Soto and Plymouth automobiles.…

Hempstead, HH103.jpg
Advertising postcard with a view of the Whipple Pontiac showroom and service center, as seen from across North Franklin Street. Message (printed in script) on verso describes new car deals. Handwritten addressee information also on verso. (Color)

A business card for April Grace, a Mid-Eastern dancer.

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-18.jpg
View of Publix Tire Co., southeast corner of Franklin and Bedell Streets.

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-24.jpg
View of Hammond Organs, west side of Franklin St., between Fulton Ave. and Centre St.
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