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Oyster Bay, OJ020.jpg
View, outside the Oyster Bay Town Clerk’s Office, of a memorial cannon dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt on June 27, 1903. The cannon, which was from the Civil War ship USS R.R. Cuyler, was presented to Oyster Bay by the Navy. It was later…

Freeport, FK030.jpg
View of Spanish-American War trophy cannon captured by the U.S. Navy at Santiago, Cuba, in 1898. The cannon is located at the corner of Main and Church Streets. Commercial buildings are also pictured along the intersection. (B&W)

Hempstead, HH047.jpg
View of the rectory of St. George’s Episcopal Church and a memorial cannon on the snow-covered field adjacent to it. Annotation, including date “July 4, 1912,” handwritten on verso. (Color)
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