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Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-84.jpg
A photograph of the front of the First Presbyterian Church located at 79 East Main Street, Babylon. The church is a white wood framed structure with a clock in the steeple. On the front doors holiday wreaths can be viewed.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-86.jpg
A photograph of the Open Hand of God church located at 493 East Meadow Avenue in East Meadow. The church is a white frame structure with a bell tower.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-102.jpg
A photograph of the United Methodist church located on East Meadow Avenue in East Meadow. The building is of brick construction and a steeple is visible.

Garden City, GA002.jpg
Exterior view of the Cathedral of the Incarnation. Note: The c.1876 date in the title represents the approximate year in which the cathedral was built. 2 copies. (Color)

Hempstead, HH075.jpg
View of St. George’s Church from across the street. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Hicksville, HN001.jpg
View of St. Ignatius Loyola R.C. Church from across the street. There are several cars parked in front. (B&W)

Huntington, HQ010.jpg
View of the Old First Church (Presbyterian) building from across the street. (Color)

Huntington, HQ041.jpg
Exterior view of St. Patrick’s R.C. Church from across the street. Text printed on verso provides a brief description of Huntington Village. (Color)
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