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Hempstead Photographs 1-24.jpg
Hempstead Fire Department group photo taken during a firemen’s parade, possibly on Front Street. The parade may have been part of a firemen's tournament festivities.

Hempstead Photographs 1-23.jpg
Hempstead Fire Department members during a firemen’s parade. Spectators gathered along the street. Department members pictured include Lewis H. Clowes, R.G. Powell, E.C. Muncke, Stewart Cornelius, Samuel W. Burt, Charles Cook. Photo taken on Front…

Hempstead Photographs 1-28.jpg
Facsimile of a c.1890s photograph of the Hempstead Fire Department marching in a firemen's tournament parade, which is headed east on Front Street, at corner of Main Street. Crowds are gathered on both sides of the street. Buildings on Main Street…

Long Island Photograph Collection 9-26.jpg
Group portrait of members of the Meadow Brook Fire Department. The department was located in Uniondale (then known as East Hempstead).

Roosevelt, RH003.jpg
Exterior view of the Alpha Hook & Ladder Co. No.1 fire station. Message and addressee information on verso. Note: A 1906 atlas has the fire station on the south side of Debevoise Avenue, just west of Nassau Road. (B&W)

Roosevelt, RH002.jpg
Exterior view of the Roosevelt Hose Co. No.1 fire station. Message and addressee information (crossed out in pencil, but still legible) on verso. (B&W)

Northport, NZ008.jpg
Exterior view of the Northport Fire Department building. Two copies (produced by the same publisher a few years apart), one with sender’s initials on front and addressee information on the back, the other with sender’s name and addressee information…

Port Jefferson, PJ027.jpg
Exterior view of the Port Jefferson Fire Department building. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)
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