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Smithtown, SP001.jpg
Exterior view of the Central Hotel. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. [Tear in lower right corner] (Color)

Blue Point, BR002.jpg
View of the South Bay House hotel, as seen from across the street. Handwritten on the front of the card are the date and the sender’s name. Note: A 1915 atlas has the South Bay House on the southwest corner of Middle Rd. and Blue Point Ave. (B&W)

Montauk, MT011.jpg
Aerial view of Montauk Manor and the surrounding area. (Color)

Amityville, AD016.jpg
View of the Alexandra Hotel on Merrick Road, as seen from across the street. Caption on front of card provides information about the hotel. (B&W)

Amityville, AD005.jpg
View of the New Point Hotel, as seen from across Great South Bay. Message on front, continues on back; addressee information on back. (B&W)

Garden City, GA022.jpg
View looking down the approach to the Garden City Hotel. The main entrance of the hotel building can be seen in the distance, and the railroad depot is at left. There is a handwritten message on the back of the card that continues onto the front.…

Garden City, GA023.jpg
View looking down the tree lined approach to the Garden City Hotel, the main entrance to which is seen at center. (B&W)

Port Jefferson, PJ009.jpg
Exterior front view of the Ardencraig Inn with an automobile parked out in front. Two copies, one with message and addressee information on verso. (Note: A 1917 atlas has the inn on the northeast corner of Jones Street and Arden Place.) (B&W)

Fire Island, FD009.jpg
View of crowd on boardwalk outside the Ocean Beach Inn and the adjoining Auditorium building. The word “Greetings” and a signature, “N.E. Nichols,” are handwritten on verso. (B/W)

Bellport, BP001.jpg
Exterior front view of the Bell Inn. Date “May 26 - 24” written on verso. Note: A 1915 atlas has a Bell Inn on the northeast corner of Bellport Ave. and Bell St. (B&W)
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