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Oyster Bay, OJ019.jpg
Hand colored view of The Mill, with one man standing in the doorway and another sitting on a bench alongside it. There are three large trees in front of the building.

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Mattituck, MK010.jpg
View of the Old Mill from across Mattituck Inlet. In the foreground, there is a man fishing from a boat as his dog stands near the bow. A road, at left, runs between the inlet on one side and a hill on the other. (B&W)

Mattituck, MK005.jpg
Aerial view of the Old Mill, with Mattituck Inlet at left. (Color)

Mattituck, MK004.jpg
Aerial view of the “Old Mill,” with the Mattituck Inlet at right. Message on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (B&W)

Manhasset, MC009.jpg
View of Plandome Mills, with a bridge over a large pond. (B&W)

Manhasset, MC001.jpg
View of an entrance to the mill dam along a stretch of the Vanderbilt Cup Race course. Part of the dam is visible behind the entrance. Date and sender’s initials on front; addressee information on back. (B&W)

Huntington, HQ026.jpg
View looking down a road along Huntington Harbor. The Old Mill (also known as the “Old Grist Mill”) and a portion of Mill Pond are at right. Message on verso. (B&W)

Huntington, HQ024.jpg
View looking down a road at the exterior of the Old Grist Mill. There is a man standing in the middle of the road.

Glen Cove, GE007.jpg
View of the falls of Upper Millpond, with the mill building at right. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (Color)

Eastport, ES001.jpg
View of the Old Saw Mill with a man standing out in front of it. There is a pond at right and several buildings in the background. Message and addressee information on verso. (B&W)
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