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Southampton, ST005.jpg
View of the Southampton Bathing Pavilion, with a line of automobiles parked outside. (B&W)

Brightwaters, BV003.jpg
View of the bathing pavilion with some people in the water and others in and around the pavilion itself. (Color)


Shelter Island, SL002.jpg
View of the Prospect House Bathing Pavilion and White Hill, with water at right. (B&W)

South Jamesport, SSJ000001.jpg
View of the Brooklyn North District Epworth League Bathing Pavilion, with three people standing on the porch and another sitting nearby in the sand. Annotation on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (B&W)

Sea Cliff, SG032.jpg
Facsimile of a 1907 photograph of Tilley’s Pavilion, with a group of swimmers on the dock. (B&W)

Freeport, FK017.jpg
View of the Woodcleft Fresh Air Home (at left) from across the Woodcleft Canal. The bathing pavilion is pictured at right. Message and addressee information on verso, both handwritten. (Color)
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