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Oceanside, OD003.jpg
View of the garden terrace at the Roadside Rest restaurant. The numerous tables on the terrace are covered with red and white tablecloths. Printed text on the verso provides a brief description of the restaurant. (Color)

Westbury, WN034.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring an interior view of the “Emerald Room” at the Olde Colony Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. Annotation on verso reads, “previous location of the Clam…

Lynbrook, LO021.jpg
Real photo postcard of Henri Charpentier (chef/owner) in a chef’s uniform, standing in an entrance surrounded by flowers and trees. Text on front of the card reads, “TONELLE FLEURIE” ORIGINAL HENRI RESTAURANT. Printed text on verso provides…

Great Neck, GI012 .jpg
View of dining room at the Town Club. Printed text (in red ink) on verso reads, “Lester Lanin’s Music for Dancing Nitely (Except Mondays).” Also printed on verso are two reviews from area newspapers. Handwritten message and addressee information also…

Hempstead Photographs 1-1.jpg
Four men standing in the street outside A.M. Day Real Estate on Fulton Avenue. One man is leaning on a long beam of wood held up by two sawhorses. Also pictured are W.A. Brown Real Estate and Insurance (left) and a furniture repair shop.

Centerport, CI003.jpg
Advertising postcard with aerial view of Mueller’s Water Mill Inn and surrounding buildings, on Mill Pond. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. (Hand colored)

A matchbook from the Aloha Tower restaurant in Lynbrook, NY.

Long Beach, LN021.jpg
Exterior view of the American House and Garden Restaurant. (Color)

Hempstead Photographs 1-2.jpg
American soldier in World War I uniform, standing with horse at the northeast corner of Franklin Street and Fulton Avenue. Possibly a member of a military funeral procession.

Postcard featuring four interior views and one exterior view of the Arbor Inn. Printed text on verso provides brief information about the restaurant and its location in Rockville Centre. (Color)
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