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Dreamland was an amusement park at Coney Island, Brooklyn, from 1904 to 1911. It was famous for its freak shows and water rides. On May 27th, 1911, the "Hell gate" attraction caught fire and Dreamland was destroyed. In this photograph the "Fighting…

De repente by Vivian Viloria-Fisher.pdf
PDF version of "De repente--A Page One Moment"" by Herstory Writers Workshop author, Vivian Viloria Fisher

Link to the "Doing Time on the Outside, Voices from Children of the Incarcerated" podcast with guest Tanasha Gordon

SR- 24c    Doing Time on the Outside Book Cover.jpg
The cover to "Doing Time on the Outside" by Herstory Writers Workshop author, Barbara Allan

Eating Day-- Opening Chapaters from a Memoir in Progress by Suzy Sonenberg.pdf
PDF version of ""Eating My Heart Out: A Memoir in Progress" by Herstory Writers Workshop author, Suzy Dalton Sonenberg

An article about the beach community of High Hill Beach written by Louis Pearsall for Long Island Forum magazine.
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