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Joseph and Benjamin Birdsall indenture with Nathan Horton, 1770.jpg
Indenture in which Joseph Birdsall of Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh) and Benjamin Birdsall of Oyster Bay South agree to "stand bound" to Nathan Horton of Oyster Bay for a loan in the amount of two hundred and fourteen pounds. Note: Birdsall owned a…

Joseph Birdsall business note from Zebulon Seaman,1769.jpg
Business note from Zebulon Seaman to Joseph Birdsall. In the note, Seaman requests that Joseph Birdsall let Benjamin Birdsall have anything he wants, on Seaman's account, to a value of forty-three shillings, and to charge that to his account. Note:…

Joseph Birdsall business note from Benjamin Birdsall, 1769.jpg
Business note from Benjamin Birdsall to Joseph Birdsall. In the note, Benjamin Birdsall requested that Joseph Birdsall "By the Bearer Joel Burch Send me 13 Basket Buttens, one Dousin Philadelphia Buttens & 2 large ones for leather Britches one…
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